About that Turtle

You know I was living by the sea for sometime. I saw a turtle everyday, it came out of a small pond. A small boy living in the shack by the beach made it. The boy was very poor he could not maintain a very rich looking home. So he made a very good periphery to contain a small tortoise. Tortoise,a very peaceful and beautiful.

I wish I could show you how that looked. Astonishing ! how it moved around the brim of the pond, but never crossed it. As if waited for the boy every morning, to show up so that it can start his morning. I saw it everyday, walking and my mind walked around with it. Everything along with that tortoise seemed slow. Suddenly the waves moved slow and so was the bird in the sky. The wind and the people on the beach everything was slow. The chef cooking the food for the tables & the service boy walking the corridor for the drink delivery.

That tortoise lived in my mind now, he lived in me. I became the tortoise. Started seeing everything in a very different way. I was meta-morphed. I moved out of the town & still the tortoise never left me. Don’t know but there was something that changed in me. Drastic change as a person. I felt at ease, the hurry-worry was gone. The Missy messy attitude was gone I was slow but more solid and complied. I liked and admired every moment of beauty. The rush hour calls, run-away meals and everything not relevant disappeared.

I asked myself whats the rush is all about anyways. And my soul answered its in my brain its the materialism. The chaos is created by our mind and not by things around us. The thing we care for the most, a lot might not be that important but gave us just that comfort zone. The zone that keep us away from the real life “comfortable”. I wish I could show you the way people started poking me. But I felt more strong and loved myself more. I felt more life in me. I started sorting things and you know I realized I always had time.

Have you ever seen a tortoise ? It has very different legs and it drags or walk slowly with precision in every step. let me know how does it look like to you. I know after reading this you will be changed too. how do I know? I just know its the gut feeling that told me so. The moments in life are so important and interesting its just we don’t see them that ways. after reading this I know you will see your life again. See the tortoise again and live it maybe if that is just for the experience.






Weekdays on Wheels

This is how the weekdays goes ! Have you ever wondered how interesting it is to see the four wheel dancing to the tune of one wheel in front of you, carrying the entire bulk along with passengers and co-passengers. It is so beautiful feeling to see the entire street filled with the red twinkle lights in the evening after dusk, when the light of the sun slowly diminishes on the horizon.

Standing on the foot-over bridge, I see the tail light spread over the huge stretch of polished dark gray land “the road”. The lights seems to have magical magnetism you can’t seem to resist but stand there for a while leaving all the hocus-pocus of the life and behold the scene. The whole charisma for that very moment drains all your worries. Have you ever thought that what we see as the best scene for the moment carries the pain of so many people stuck in the traffic away form there family. I was surprised ! but one of my loved one when told me the detail of the whole thing, I wondered really God has his ways. One man’s food is another man’s poison.

He started the description how every day he led this life which became pain for him over a period of time. Away from his family and love all he was left was with the country travel just to meet the everyday means in long run for present and the future for him and his family.  The worst thing was when that I came to know he lived with his family but came in the very night and left very early in the morning with very little self to share with them. All he could contribute was money, for which he traveled so much. Then I took more interest and just asked few more around me and they all who traveled by road in the metropolitan or cosmopolitan cities have the same stories. They have very less emotional self to be shared with their loved one.

And next time I  saw the same scene gave me very different feeling uncomfortable and I started thinking are you also in the same Que ? I wish I could live a day of your life to understand how difficult or great your destiny is. So that I can put my heart at rest or make better goals. All I Imagine is that you are very happy in your life with so much love to give to others and heal their pain.

The road don’t look that way again neither the feeling was that good. The illumination carried a lot of empty lives floating in the air longing for the real life. Their soul lurked in the void for the affection and real attachment with the real people instead of the radio talks or the telephonic talk. Which is the least a person could do to complete his emotional self. And when I think it is so simple in my mind. It is life and everyone has their own choices there own explanations for that, legit or not we are not to say.

I want to say that I am blessed to live with my family and loved ones to the fullest. and we all should do thank god for this blessing everyday with our daily prayer. I wish I could reach everyone and explain the simple fact but I think we should rather leave the balance in the hand of the creator as the eternal fact says, everything happens for a reason and I completely believe in that. I wonder this little disappointing stretch of black and white might be disturbing for you but don’t be ! see the better part. see what really need to be changed as “instead of wasting your energy in the past try to put the same to build something new and better”. Try to mold your mountains in beautiful sculptures and not into caves to hide with explanations. live life to the fullest and enjoy.



Butterfly on my back

You know when someone ask and I talk about travel & music, my stomach is full of running rats and my back feels like having a bunch of butterflies trying to fly me away from the ground. I like the clouds, the mountain,the river,the road. Yes road, the path to heaven, a wonderful invention made by man for the convenience but opens different ways to move ahead in life. Travelling is addiction. You know one who loves the travel will tell you the pain of sitting at home.

Travelling gives us new insight to the new places. It opens our mind and gives us new ideas to upgrade our standard. We come to know the beautiful world unseen. The oxygen becomes more effective & the soul becomes more active and less bitchy. You know when I think of travelling, I feel like someone is gifting me the pair of wings I was born with. Something that so belongs to me was either taken at an early stage or was stolen when I was too young to remember.  I don’t even remember I could fly but the idea of travelling fills me up with the confidence as if this was my forte, that I was kept away from.

I will try to send you the pics my pen mate, I have so much to share I wish I could show it to you in person, with the amount of enthusiasm I am writing it about to you. But we intended to be read not meet, I am just believing I am able to transfer this energy to you and you are breathing the exact fresh mountain air from the icy tops. I don’t know if I ever told you I love mountains and the water falls. The soft press of fresh dew on the cheeks in the early morning at sunrise point, priceless! When the cold water of spring touches my face every splash renew my DNA and I feel young. The travel to me is like living life as it was given to me, a gift.

I try to read the other people who also love travelling like me. I know its just the language that differs else the feelings remains the same and cosmic clash of similar idea creates a lake of positivity in my mind, I feel divine. You should travel as I do with the novel purpose of love and appreciator of gods creation. The butterflies will come to you and take you to the right spot you are supposed to be. They will sync with your system and connect you to the right stream of global flow of naive energy that cleanses your materialism.

These butterfly like the Will-o’-the-wisp, take you to the exact place you were meant to be in. All you have to do is to identify them amongst the man made stars for live-in-the-moment salvation. I do wait for the deja vu moment as lived many times in my dreams, you are writing to me the same story in your words and we matching up in the same heaven. I hope you are doing well and will travel for sure after reading this to share a new story and we shall sit before the setting sun with a new lived experience.



A Bagful of wishes

The Beautiful world, have so many things in its bag, waiting for us to approach and get wonderful surprises from. Somehow that process is always delayed due to some or the other reason. Maybe because you & me are so busy working on our own bags to be filled with needs and desires. we both choose to fulfill wishes instead and get in the game of greed, anxiety, jealousy & worst- expectations, in nutshell “Pandora’s box”.

You must be busy in the things like getting your life in order and get the good time around. Yes, I mean what you are doing right now! tell me.Just think, chasing yours or someone else’s wish to be somebody or be there some where for someone. After we are finished with the needs society tells us are important, we open the personal window seeing our self down the “cliche” memory lane.

Introspection is the word, where I decide; what I did, what I missed, what I am doing and what I should not have done. Blah ! Blah ! Blah !. What I don’t calculate is the amount of pressure I apply on my heart. Our heart, yes our heart,a beautiful thing,  biologically it might not be appealing but the scenario we experience, play with the pumping hence it’s more highlighted as this is as important organ as brain, to keep a person alive.

Heart, in the past, might have been highlighted by someone in the poets, artist and now every one has build a mountain over it. You have to see what you have in your life, by brain not by heart, that means logically. Everything that exist has a very logical insight. Every insight can be termed as wishes. All the historical things in terms of war or the archaeological remain can be termed as someone’s wish. It takes the beautiful mind to interpret everything in the manner it was intended and done.

Now the thing is that the wishes are important or it is just a race to misinterpret, as it is always put under the materialism. Wishes are never villain but someone’s bread is other man’s poison. You can fairly say wishes are beauty that only exist in the eye of the beholder. And every man, like you and me, has a bag which he not only wants to fill but to stuff it, till the time his brain stops working. The old & wise say, the man’s soul is intact to the earth even after death, in order to fulfill the unfulfilled desires or wishes. strange isn’t it? But if all the above mentioned is true then wishes are very important and a strong driving force that exist in everyone’s mind.Hmm,,  so we were talking about bag full of wishes.

The evolved brain has both logical and illogical side, when we are not in a deciding state of mind, that delima form is called wish and there is no end. We, you know na…we means you and me ! then it’s okay. so yes we all have a strong thought process, wishes are like bi-product which are processed but one can never forget to fill his own bag which he allots only for wishes at any cost no matter what! Hopefully what i said here you might like the perspective. Waiting for you to give some feedback over what i just wrote to you. you know your feedback makes my life more easier.



Searching that “Soulmate”

Young , there were moments, dressed I attended parties with my peers.Nothing I could remember but my old aunts saying you will get married one day. when I grew and understood the companionship wondered really is that important? It took more time for me to relate the need of a partner. Hours long, like meditation I use to think about that absolute closeness.

Nothing around us or between us. Someone we cant live without. The pure intimacy and burning loyalty. Dreaming ever since the understanding between two perfect stranger, with nothing in common. The ideal condition, to see each other in the morning. Eating the breakfast, made of other one’s choice. And that the other one keep changing sometimes he or me. Dedicating to complete the day work ASAP to satisfy the urge to see the other half in the evening. The decision becomes more WE than you or me.

When I started walking the earth with my own bare feet, I thought that’s not what I thought and I flipped. My heart ached with false promises and wrong impressions of the so called Love. This is how that feeling is termed as, by some very intellectual person. My brain vomited the idea of even withstanding the overrated “Lover”. My soul wandered in the loneliness of partnership. Wanted to be free of the captivity of finger hold. My ears bled with every phone call. And life became a intolerable burden.

Alone I still think of that ideal heaven. But that does not exist except for our mind. The people who write to express the longing & need of such miracle. The unexplored zone either never existed or was never there. It was just a seed embedded by some passionate insane artist. A person who was deported from heaven. One who has seen the love the one bestowed by the God himself. Wonder that is just my thought or a real theory that did existed.

I don’t know if this bond which I think of, is real or I am not in my senses. But I believe in that & want to live that. I want to live the bond-less togetherness. A connection between two people so pure no one can intrude. No miscommunication or misunderstanding. Fine tuning, catching up the thought with the tone & body language.  Even if God kills me every time at the site of my perfect soul as a punishment. I will be born again to find that, till we unite. You can define me, Judge me but this is who I am. A passionate lover ! A loving soul ! I have love for my soul mate…will wait till God’s heart melt…